Honor U.S. Troops**CAMPAIGN CLOSED**

Help us build a movement to defend our troops after the Michael Moore attack on Chris Kyle, an American hero.

Campaign created by Jessica Bloom Paulson on 01/27/2015

Honor U.S. Troops

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The recent statements from Michael Moore and Seth Rogen criticizing snipers are disgraceful to our military. Help us build support to drown out the liberal media. Please join with us, because numbers matter. If you can, please donate as well, any amount will help us to advertise and spread the word that we are united in our support for our kids who risk their lives to keep us safe and free.
The liberals cannot be allowed to insult Chris Kyle and our military. They only enjoy their lifestyle because of the sacrifices of our troops, and the bravery and heroism of people like Chris Kyle.
American snipers save American lives, We're raising money for a grassroots advertising campaign to show the world that most American citizens Honor and support our troops.
Our goal is to create a well-crafted message of support to far outweigh Michael Moore, Seth Rogen, and all those like them. Please Join us to Support Our Troops! 
Get this special edition cap pictured below with your donation of $50 or more.  Commemorate Chris Kyle and show your support for the United States Military.  Show your support!  To get your special edition cap click donate and choose the perk.
We cannot allow this insulting, liberal drivel to go unanswered! As Patriots, it is our duty to honor our troops and make our voices heard in order to combat Michael Moore's 1.8 million followers.
A great example of citizens and business owners taking a a stand for what they believe in and calling out Michael Moore and Seth Rogen for their ignorance.
Besides what Michael Moore and Seth Rogen would like you to believe, Chris Kyle was a hero, more concerned about the lives he saved (and didn't save) by taking out the enemy.
The voices of these heroes, who put their lives on the line daily for our freedoms, should be at the forefront of every news segment about Chris Kyle. 
Most Americans, particularly the critics of Chris Kyle, have no idea what war is like for our troops and snipers. Our hope is to educate them on the heroism of our soldiers. 
Statistics show that for every enemy killed by a sniper, three American lives are saved. They are heroes!
Watch some of these powerful videos below to see what heroes like Chris Kyle do on a daily basis.
We must help celebrities who support Chris Kyle and American Sniper be heard. Whoopi Goldberg, in the video below, slams Moore and Rogen for their short-sighted opinions.  
We need more of these messages out there! Celebrities who support and honor our troops.
God bless politicians like Sarah Palin, standing up for our troops. 
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